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Combination (Combi)

Combi boilers are the ideal solution for all your hot water and central heating needs. The benefits of having no other water tanks and having instantaneous hot water. Meaning freeing up space and not needing to waste energy heating a whole hot water tank which may not be used. 

We’ve all been there: you turn on the shower, leave it running for a while and step in… only to be shocked by a torrent of cold water.


Whilst this may be something every household has gone through before, it needn’t happen to you ever again. We can offer a great choice of combination boilers sized to meet your hot water demands for you size of property 


System Boiler

The system boiler, often called a ‘sealed system’, provides central heating and hot water via a storage cylinder such as a Unvented cylinder or thermal store maintains a constant level of hot water and a high pressure meaning that, unlike with a regular boiler, there’s no need for separate water tanks in the loft of your house.

These models are a great choice for those who have limited space in their loft, or for those living with a family who wish to use hot water from multiple sources at once

Regular boilers (open vent)

Open vent or ‘regular boilers’ work as a heating system only. They are able to keep your home warm through a central heating system and also provide hot water through a hot water storage cylinder. Regular heating systems require a cylinder which is often kept in an airing cupboard and a cold water tank usually in the loft.

Open vent boilers suit homes with multiple bathrooms where water pressure is low in the area. The water storage tank means a lot of hot water can be supplied to multiple bathrooms at the same time. They are good if water pressure is typically low in your area as the water is stored in a tank ahead of use.

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