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Warm Air

What is Warm Air?

Most heating systems for homes in the UK, especially in towns, are gas fired boilers. If you have a gas supply, the obvious, and usually cheapest way to heat your home is with a gas boiler. Warm air, ducted heating is another, cost effective way to heat your home. This was a relatively popular method of heating back in the 70s and 80s, but has declined in use for domestic properties in recent years, with just a handful of manufacturers in the market. Including Johnson and Starley which one of the largest


How does warm air heating work?

The air is pulled into the home from a vent to the outside. This air is heated over a gas fuelled flame, which is then circulated around the property via a system of ducts. This type of heating is particularly effective in well insulated properties, and in single storey properties like flats and bungalows, but can also be found in larger homes and in commercial properties.

Heating air directly with a flame is very efficient and will rival a gas boiler in terms of efficiency, whilst ducting the air around the home is also very effective, and can heat a room very quickly, as well as help prevent damp and condensation build up around the home.


Why has warm air heating decreased in popularity?

There are a couple of key reasons why warm air heating has diminished. Firstly, warm air cornered the market for smaller properties where boiler technology had not quite worked out an efficient way to fire a small 9kW boiler for example. Nowadays, boiler technology has solved many of these problems, and efficiency has improved markedly, making them more suitable for these types of home.

secondly, warm air technology has not really kept up with these changes, with few of the big manufacturers showing interest in the technology, largely because the market is small, and there is little demand to retrofit ducts into an existing building.


Routine Services

It is imperative that all warm air units are serviced every year, even more so than a normal heating boiler. Because the air is blown around the system by a large fan unit, there is often a large build up of dust and debris throughout the unit. By cleaning the unit properly and by ensuring that the pressures are correct you are really able to see the difference in performance from before we service a unit to after. A service on a warm air unit will take around an hour.   If you are looking for a fan for warm air unit, just give Gas Smart heating ltd a call


Repairs / Emergency Breakdowns

If your warm air unit stops working you will probably find that most companies will not want to work on it. If this is the case then give us a call! All of our engineers are fully qualified to work on warm air and we will get up and running in no time!



If your warm air unit has reached the end of its life then we can offer you all of the advice and expertise that you require. We have many years experience on working on warm air heating, We can offer you a completely free of charge survey and quotation for your replacement warm air unit.

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