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Boiler maintenance

Getting your gas boiler regular serviced within intervals of 12 months is crucial to keeping it in good working order. And in line with manufacturer guidelines and to protect any warranty’s or guarantees you hold  

Although your gas boiler should be serviced in line with manufacturers instruction, it’s a good idea to get your gas boiler serviced ahead of the winter period, if not already done so. Any unplanned breakdowns could leave you without heating when you need it the most and it’s often a busy period for Gas Safe registered engineers.

Boiler maintenance tips

There are a few things you can do in-between services to look after a boiler and help prevent breakdowns. Follow our tips to take care of your gas boiler:

  • Check the central heating system water pressure where applicable - Boilers can lose system pressure as they age. Check the pressure gauge and top it up if it’s too low

  • Bleed excess air from your radiators - You can tell if your radiators need bleeding if they’re colder at the top than the bottom, meaning excess air is trapped in the system. This will put additional strain on your boiler

    • Note that if you need to do this regularly it’s likely hiding a wider issue and you should ask our Gas Safe engineer to check the system

  • Lag the pipes - When it gets very cold your boiler’s external condensate pipe can freeze and your boiler will cut out. You can prevent this by asking a Gas Safe Engineer to insulate your condensate pipe

  • Even with proper care and maintenance on your part, the best way to keep your gas boiler going is by having it regularly serviced by Gas Smart Heating Ltd


What does a boiler service involve?


During the service your Gas smart heating engineer will make sure there are no underlining faults with your gas boiler and heating system for example leaks or signs of distress and that it’s operating safely, efficiently and effectively, as required by the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. To do this, they’ll carry out a range of checks and tests in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.


 What is a boiler service report?

After our engineer has carried out the service, they will complete a service report detailing all the checks that were made and any work that was carried out as a result.This will be sent out as a digital form via our office. This report is also known as a Gas Safety Record and, while it’s good practice to provide this, it’s worth noting that it isn’t not a legal requirement.

Can I service my own boiler?

You should only ever use a qualified and competent Gas Safe registered engineer to service your boiler. They’ll have the knowledge to carry out the checks and tests needed to determine that your boiler is working safely, and they’ll be able to make any repairs that are required too.


Get in touch with Gas smart heating today to book in your boiler service.




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