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Power-flushing in Brighton & Hove and within all of Sussex 

At Gas smart heating we offer our power flushing service throughout Sussex, the process involves giving your central heating system a thorough internal clean which will improve your central heating systems performance and will increase the energy efficiency of your heating system . If you’re in need of a central heating system clean in Brighton & Hove and  surrounding areas within Sussex then get in touch with Gas Smart heating and one of our fully trained and highly professional heating engineers will come out to carry out the power flushing your system requires. 


When Is Power Flushing Required?


Is your heating system suffering  from following?


Constant Boiler and heating failures or total failure due to blockage?


Radiators not heating at all or only warm or have cold spots?


Heating very slow to warm up?


Discoloured radiator water?


An overly noisy boiler or heating system ?


Radiators need frequent bleeding?


Radiators requiring replacement due to pin hole leaks?


Repeated circulator pump failures?


Hot water temperature fluctuating?


These are just some of the symptoms caused due to a buildup of sludge and residue debris inside the heating system.

System sludge formation is caused by corrosion within the heating system due to the combination of water, oxygen and a mixture of different metals within the heating system which cause electrolytic corrosion or even fluxes used to solder joints during the installation of the heating system if not clean out after central heating system can result in internal corrosion


What Are The Benefits Of A Power-flush?


Safeguards manufacturers Warranty on boilers


Restores your system's efficiency reducing gas & electric consumption, 


It cures flow and circulation



Restores heat output to radiators. Cleans whole system, including underfloor



Reduces pump failure problems.


Treatment prevents further



Stops recurring boiler and heating faults and expensive repairs 



Once Gas Smart Heating carry out and complete you’re Power flush, your central heating system will be flushed and cleaned using our specialist Power flush machine and equipment including heated filtration magnets and using specialist chemicals to breakdown solid matter and treat your heating system we will also advise on any alterations to pipework or system to stop any underlining problems resulting with continued air entering the heating system  and causing further corrosion and damage 



Explanation Video 

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